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Alone, Together: Our response to COVID-19

How very rare it is that the whole world is in something together. At present the global reality and concerns of COVID-19  have our heads and hearts spinning. We are concerned about safety and health like we have never been before and due to increasing restrictions on travel and movement, we feel quite alone and maybe even a little helpless. 

As the situation continues to unfold we are eager to find a meaningful way to engage with our communities and alleviate a little stress while making sure that our makers, retailers and customers all feel safe and cared for. As a small business, we are hugely impacted by the crisis, but we remain committed to standing by our mission. This means we are:

  1. Continuing to provide jobs within the communities we serve all the while maintaining social distancing guidelines;
  2. Setting up a fund to provide financial assistance to our artisans to help them support their families; 
  3. Raising funds to provide PPEs (personal protective equipment) to health workers in the Philippines.

Small but mighty steps. We cannot take on the whole crisis but we can stay in our homes and lessen the burden and stresses of those working on the frontlines to fight this thing. We can make small economically smart decisions to keep the economy going and keep families safe and fed. We can call grandma, just to say hi, spreading a little joy and brightening her day. 

We are alone, together and in this time of solitude and reflection we can enable ethical business to thrive and send to the far corners of the globe a little job security and family stability. And before you know it, we will be back to work and back to normal but hopefully we've brought as many people as we can to see the light on the other side of this thing.

If you want to join us, here's how you can help get PPEs to our frontliners in the Philippines:

  • For each item purchased through our website this month, we will be donating $7.75 to fund one (1) set of PPE. Each set includes one (1) N95 mask, one (1) gown, two (2) sets of gloves, two (2) pieces of head covers, two (2) sets of shoe covers and one (1) pair of goggles.

  • You also have the option to donate additional PPE kits for $7.75 each.  This can be done as an add-on when you check out or by adding the Donate product to your cart.

We value each and every one of our customers and artisans and we hope you join us in keeping hope alive and spreading a little joy during these uncertain times.

Take care,

The LIKHÂ Team

*Donations will be made to the Kaya Natin! Fundraising Campaign for Health Workers Fighting COVID-19.