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5 Tips for a Chic and Pet-friendly Home

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Who says you can’t have a chic and pet-friendly home at the same time?

With the proper interior design knowledge, a dash of creativity, and loads of commitment, you can create a space you and your furry friend will love.

From ingenious ways to minimize clutter to color coordinating with your pet’s fur, you can achieve that stylish yet sustainable space. So read on and learn how to build a haven for you and your paw pals.

Stylish and Safe

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Pets can be a great source of joy. Even science supports that human interaction with animals has
positive benefits. It is no wonder, then, that there are people who choose to share their hearts and home with these lovely creatures. 

However, pet parents are sometimes caught in a dilemma. They want a stylish space, yet they also need to consider the safety of their pets. On top of that, naysayers argue that it is impossible to maintain a clean and chic home when you have animals running around.

Here, we share with you five tips on how to achieve your desired home that your pets will also enjoy:

1. Heighten the Hygiene

Let’s start with the basics. If you want a chic home, you would like to start with a clean one.

Bathe and groom your pets as often as needed. Keeping your pet pals clean will help your home stay cleaner for longer. Regular bathing and brushing will eliminate loose hair in every conceivable place. Also, trim their nails to minimize scratches on floors, furniture, and walls. 

Additionally, make sure also to deep clean your home regularly. Vacuum often to get rid of fur, hair, and dander. Pet hair's odor clings to upholstery, fabrics, and surfaces. This oil also attracts dirt, so you want to neutralize it before it gets out of hand.

2. Organize and Declutter 

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A neat space makes room for more creative concepts. It also allows you to execute more design and decoration ideas with ease. Keeping your area tidy and clean also means a safer space for pets to run around.

Organize clutter by investing in storage baskets. These modern containers combine form and function to help you keep things in order and style. Stash pet toys in catchalls that are ideally around their height so they can quickly help themselves when they want to play. 

Since pets tend to be active, reorganize your furniture. This is so they will have enough room to run around. Also, go for concealed wiring to discourage pets from tripping and chewing on wires. Finally, keep breakable items out of reach. Instead, use decor that can withstand falls. Some examples are items made out of fiber, wood, or other natural materials.

3. Pick Flooring Wisely

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Your choice of flooring is also important. When you have pets, opt for hard surface floors. Possible options include laminated wood, marble, porcelain tiles, and vitrified tiles. In addition, brick, painted concrete, and terrazzo tiles are good choices. 

Avoid carpets or rugs as these accumulate dander and fur. In addition, these types of flooring may become a breeding ground for bacteria if not cleaned regularly. 

Take note that big dogs may still be able to scratch wooden floors. 

4. Choose the Right Upholstery

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Cuddling with your pet pals is nice, but it also poses a cleaning problem when all their hair, saliva, or dirt they track in from outside end up on your pristine white couch.

To avoid getting your upholstery getting dirty or damaged, spring for stain-resistant fabrics. Skip the chintz, silk, or velvet. Instead, try a synthetic ultra-microfiber material. The market also offers a nearly “indestructible” synthetic fabric resistant to bacteria, smells, and stains. Machine-washable blankets, covers, or throws are also easy hacks that you can cover your furniture with. If your pets sleep with you on the bed, invest in a mattress cover or use duvet covers and coverlets.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Leather or pleather are also good options. They may still be scratched, but tiny scratches add patina and character to this timeless textile. In addition, faux leather or leather does not absorb odor and can be easily wiped clean. 

You should also consider matching your rug or sofa with your pet’s fur color. This makes it easier to mask pet hairs. 

5. Create a Pet Zone

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    Create an area that aligns with your pet’s lifestyle. Doing so will make it easier to house-train your pet pal. At the same time, it will be more convenient for you to clean up. 

    A mudroom near your entrance or back door makes it easier for you to wash off muddy paws. This area need not look drab, as well. You can use porcelain tiles on the walls or use painted concrete for the floor. 

    Don’t forget to
    organize the area by using storage baskets. Sort wet and dry stuff by using floor baskets. You should also dedicate containers for pet toys and accessories. Finally, keep toxic products out of their reach by placing them in covered containers or bins.

    You can also keep it pet-themed by decorating it with adorable animal planters. These pet-inspired containers are perfect for holding plants but can also be great catchalls for pet accessories and toys.

    Heart and Hearth

    Photo by Waston and Kiko

    Having pets can do wonders for people. That is why it is undeniable that others would love to share their time, energy, resources, and personal space with these furry friends. If you are one of the hoomans who want to enjoy living in a stylish yet safe place for your pets, we hope you gleaned some helpful information from what we shared above.