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Christmas Gift Guide: Ethical Gifts for Everyone

‘Tis the season to be jolly but what if you’re stuck in a gift-giving rut? You better not cry nor pout, as we have put together a simple gift guide for you. We’re donning our Santa’s Helpers hat so you can enjoy choosing presents. From ethical gifts to the most adorable accessories, we’re here to pave the way to stress-free holiday gift-giving.

So join us on a sleigh ride as we give pointers on how to choose the right gifts. Plus, we’ve also rounded up fantastic gift options that will please every person on your list.  


Gifting Guide 

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People tend to go on gift-giving overdrive during the holidays. There are two likely outcomes when this happens. One, your brain goes into a frenzy and you buy every gift you set your eyes on. Two, you get stuck with the gazillion and one options and end up with “All I got this Christmas was this lousy T-shirt”. 

So as not to turn Christmas into a nightmare, let’s get you started with a few tips on how to choose the right gifts:


1. Make a List

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To make sure that you don’t leave out anyone, it’s best to
make a list. Jot down all the people that you want to give presents to. This way, you lessen the chance of forgetting anyone.

You can even organize your list into groups. Some group their lists according to their level of relationships. For example, there’s your immediate family. Then you can move forward with relatives, friends, and colleagues. Others also consider giving gifts to company suppliers, acquaintances who have helped them in one way or another, or those whom they simply want to cheer up. 

Benevolence knows no bounds, so others even make it a point to include charities or foundations. 


2. Naughty or Nice?


Just as Santa checks who’s naughty or nice, you can also choose gifts based on the recipient’s personality. Are they the type who enjoys material things? Or do they prefer experiential gifts? 

Take time to think about your giftee’s personality. What are their interests or hobbies? Are they the adventurous or quiet type? For example, if your mom recently took up gardening as a hobby, why not gift her with cute animal planters? If your boss just moved into a new home, how about gifting them with a set of wooden dinnerware?

If you don’t know the receiver too well, then you can think about what would benefit them most. For example, if you’re giving to a children’s charity, then perhaps you’d consider basic items that children would need. Some would give milk formula, diapers, and toys, for instance.


3. Ask and You Shall Receive

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Studies say that one of the most effective ways to choose a gift is to ask the recipient what they want. Some may find it awkward to do so. However, doing so will help cut the time agonizing over exactly what gift they want. It will also raise the smile factor as they will receive exactly what they asked for. 

There are other ways to decipher what the best gift is according to science. Behavioral scientists and psychologists have researched this matter. It’s up to you to use what fits your needs and lifestyle.


Now that you have the basic criteria of how to choose a gift, here are some of our recommendations. We’ve lined up wonderful options you can choose from that would fit anyone and everyone. What’s even better, you don’t have to brave the Christmas shopping chaos because we can ship these goodies right to your doorstep. 


Spectacular Stocking Stuffers

1. Animal Planters 


Whether your giftee is an animal lover, garden god, or Susie homemaker, these adorable animal planters will surely make them smile. Made from sustainable natural fibers like coco coir or seagrass, they make perfect containers for small plants. These can also double as an organizer for knickknacks or simply as decor.


2. Bags


Sustainable fashion is on trend so why not get on the bandwagon? Encourage friends and family to help save Mother Earth while looking fabulous with these handwoven handbags. Featuring impeccable weaving, they are made with natural palm fibers embellished with mother-of-pearl or semi-precious stones. From charming clutch bags, and medium-sized crocheted purses to handwoven totes, there are plenty of options to choose from.


3. Baskets 

Give the gift that keeps on giving with these all-around handwoven baskets. They’re pretty and practical. What’s better, they’re multipurpose so your giftee can have many uses for it. For example, a modern woven basket can be used as a receptacle for magazines in the study. It can also be used as a planter or a receptacle for organizing items. 


4. Home Decor

Woven items have been making the rounds in the interior design community. These hand-crafted items are being used as unique adornments to any home. Choose to gift decorative wall baskets or trinkets trays to add artisanal charm to your giftee’s home. You can also dial up their Christmas vibe by sending them holiday ornaments made from sustainable materials.


5. Jewelry


For an added sparkle this holiday season, gift your loved ones jewelry with understated elegance. Choose from hand-carved pieces adorned by natural shells and wood. These exquisitely handmade jewelry are versatile additions to any treasure trove.


6. Kitchenware


Add flair to a feast by gifting divine dinner and tableware. Delight your host by bringing a wrapped present of wooden acacia dinnerware. You can also opt to gift a collection of coasters, napkin rings, or placemats. Your gift recipients would surely appreciate the natural patterns of fiber, shell, or wood in these artisan pieces.


Photo by Bogdan Sonjachnyj

Gifts come in many forms. Just having people in your thoughts, taking the time to match their gifts to their personalities, and picking out the best one for them says a lot. We hope that our simple yet well-thought-out rundown of gift-giving criteria and gift options can help you create a season full of warmth and care. Happy Holidays!