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Sustainable Home Decor Ideas for 2024

If you’re planning to refresh the look and feel of your home for 2024, now is the best time to mull over your options. Moreover, if you’re choosing to live more sustainably, this blog is for you. We have compiled a list of ideas that may help, from artisanal home decor to other earth-friendly knick-knacks. Read on and discover how you can create a stylish yet sustainable space.

Going Green Is In

Sustainability and style can go hand in hand. These days, more people are becoming aware of the impact their choices have on the environment. People are shifting to a more conscious consumption. The cars they drive and the clothes they wear reflect this move. These mindful choices can also trickle down to home decorating. Sustainable brands like Likha make it easier for people to switch to eco-friendly choices. Likha is also a NEST-certified and Fair Trade Federation member. We make the products we carry according to ethical standards and sustainable practices. 

As 2024 rolls in, “going green” is not just a trend. It is a lifestyle that contributes to a healthier planet. Even small steps, like choosing handwoven baskets instead of plastic ones, can already make a difference. Here, we share with you several ideas on how you can decorate your home more sustainably:

1. Biophilic Basics


Biophilic design has been one of the major interior design trends of 2023. This trend shows no signs of stopping. As the world recovers from the coronavirus pandemic, the call to connect with nature gets louder. Hence, homes have adapted the biophilic concept for its physiological benefits. 

One way to incorporate biophilic design into your home is by bringing the outdoors in. Go wild with potted plants. For example, you can place them in adorable animal planters around the house. You can also use hanging planters and suspend them from the ceiling. 

Another way is to embrace natural lighting. If you’re renovating, go for big windows or create a skylight to let sunshine in. You can also opt for blinds or sheer curtains instead of heavy drapery to invite more natural light.

You can also decorate with items such as warm wood, raw stone, or any water fixture.

2. Earthy Elevation


Another sustainable home decor idea is to get inspiration from Mother Earth herself. 2024 sees colors shift to more neutral tones. A survey on design trends, conducted by the New York Design Center, showed that over 90% of respondents predict brown will be the choice color of 2024. 

An earth-based palette such as shades of brown, blue, green, burgundy, or yellow adds an earthy warmth to any room. Elevate your home decorating with throw pillows, lampshades, wall baskets, sculptures, and art installations in that color family. You can also use rugs, throws, curtains, or lighting fixtures in dark chocolate hues or soft beige.

3. Go Green 


You can also go green with your home decor choices. Construct a vertical garden or plant wall for that added natural feel indoors. Interior designers are also encouraging painting rooms in shades of green. This adds verve to a space. 

Another trend that is seen to take over homes is decorating with murals. Aside from sculptural artwork, murals are forecasted to appear in unexpected places. Interior design experts see foyers, stairwells, and other “neglected” walls as areas to decorate. They suggest using designs that calm or rejuvenate the mind, soul, and body.

Forestcore is another green trend that will see more light in 2024. Cottagecore was the decor inspiration before the pandemic. It featured sunshine and flowers. Alternatively, Forestcore is more about deep, earthy tones. If this is the vibe you like, you can decorate with ferns hanging from baskets. Another example is to build a terrarium. You can also use wallpaper with fallen leaves, trees, and other woodland designs.

4. Japandi Journey


Japandi is another interior design concept that melds Japanese and Scandinavian concepts. The ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi – a way of life that values contentment, simplicity, and slow living is one component. The other half is influenced by the hygge, the Scandinavian practice that focuses on comfort, coziness, and well-being.

To get this look, aim for the sleek and functional elegance of the Japanese decorating aesthetic. Then complement it with the sleek, modern lines of Scandinavian design. Japandi is all about creating a minimalist yet welcoming space.


The rule of thumb is to keep it natural and low-key. Wood is a key fixture in this concept. The main color scheme consists of neutral and muted tones, while warmth can be infused through the use of textures. Invest in top-quality furnishings and decor. For example, go for carefully curated artwork, rugs, table lamps, mirrors, and wall hangings. To make it more interesting without being jarring, go for warm accents like plush pillows, wooden dinnerware, or textured throws.

5. Rock it with Rattan


Rattan is also predicted to keep on weaving its magic on homeowners and interior designers. A strong, flexible, and very durable natural material, rattan is used for a variety of woven handicrafts. This sustainable fiber is lightweight, making it easy to move around as home decor. It's commonly used for baskets and furniture.

In addition to its decorative charm, rattan is also made into functional pieces. Rattan storage baskets, for instance, offer form and function. You can use them to store trinkets and whatnot, as hampers, or planters.

Style and Substance


Switching to a more sustainable way of living is a trend worthy of following. 2024 can be the start of turning things around for the better. This is especially true for our planet. We can all make a difference in our little ways. Decorating with sustainability in mind can make your home prettier. Even better, it makes our planet an even better and safer place to live in.