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Top 3 Interior Design Ideas to Transform Your Home this Fall/Winter

As the cooler months come in, some people tend to look to interior design inspirations to infuse warmth in their homes. If you are also looking for different ways to bring some heat into your hearth, then check out the tips we have laid out for you.

Interior Design Trends for Fall and Winter 2021

Likhâ is a Filipino word that means “creation.” True to our name, we always strive to create ways to make your life happier and more comfortable. That is why we also find ways to share information and stories that aim to inspire you to live life to the fullest. Below is a shortlist of interior design trends that will help spruce up your home in the fall and winter months.

Designers, industry experts, and trendspotters like Pinterest and Trendbooks have all come up with almost identical reports on what’s in for the year’s cooler months. Since most people want to hibernate as the temperature drops, the desire to warm up living spaces rises.

The guides we mention below can help spark your inner creativity -- whether you are going for a full-on renovation or want a seasonal makeover. Read on and see how you can make a warmer, more inviting home with the tips below:

1. Japandi Aesthetic

Another interior design trend this year is Japandi. This concept is a marriage between the Japanese Zen aesthetic and Scandinavian minimalism. It focuses more on combining art, nature, and simplicity.

Japandi has form and function as its core. This design concept allows you to play with clean lines and muted colors. It also makes use of functional yet well-curated furnishings.

One of the key attributes of Japandi design is to create uncluttered spaces. For example, you can use natural containers to organize your things. Our natural scallop basket would be an excellent example of this.

Japandi is also big on sustainability. Go for finely-crafted décor that lets go of the one-time use lifestyle. For example, you can use an animal planter with bright colors to balance cold, white surfaces.

2. Layered Spaces

Achieve an autumnal or wintery look by layering your interiors. Layering a room means combining colors, prints, and textures. The thoughtful process of doing so creates a space with a unique character. The fusion of hues, patterns, and shapes also adds balance, creative contrast, and depth to a room.

For example, choose a dominant color for your room. You can select from Pantone’s color recommendations for fall and winter if you like. Then, you can layer it with drapes that either complement or contrast with the main color scheme. Additionally, you can also layer pillows. You can mix and match plain textured ones and ones with bold prints. Feel free to choose the designs that answer your need for a fall or winter atmosphere.

Rugs, décor, and even lighting can also be elements that you can layer. For instance, if you want a warm reading nook, throw a round, amber-colored rug over a neutral-toned area carpet. Likewise, create a warm ambiance by blending warm ceiling lights with cooler task lights. You can also stash extra pillows or blankets in a handwoven basket on the floor beside your chaise. Then you can pile your holiday reads on top of a side table. Finish by adding a mix of ornaments with varying heights, shapes, or sizes to create a layered look.

3. Nature-inspired Themes

Biophilic design is one of the most significant interior design trends of 2021. This design concept incorporates natural elements in home interiors.

Create a warm space inside your home by bringing the outside in. Biophilic interior design focuses on natural lighting. It also takes cues from natural color schemes, shapes, and forms. You can create a warm and natural feel by using mood lighting, for one. You can also use warmer tones for your walls or indulge in green color schemes.

Bringing in plants that can survive indoors in winter is also a popular idea. Use decorative planters in varying sizes to create depth. You can also hang them in corners using handmade hanging planters.

Bonus Tip: Health-Conscious Design Hacks

The residential wellness trend comes roaring in after the coronavirus pandemic. Nowadays, more focus is given to health and wellness features in home design. Some of the devices were not only functional but also looked sleek and stylish.

Some examples are:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and smart-home appliances
  • Interior air quality management systems
  • Integrated cooktop-vent technology
  • Sensor bathroom vent fans
  • HEPA and advanced MERV filtration devices
  • UV-based systems and other products that do not emit toxins into the home

Those who are not yet ready to invest in wellness technology opt for trusty containers. Options can be both eye-catching and functional. For example, you can put a coral-colored catch-all in areas with frequently-touched surfaces. Use this to store keys, alcohol spritzers, or disinfectant wipes. Adding seasonal elements can also give you the fall or winter vibe that you want.

Interior Design that Warms the Hearth

You can create a warm and inviting home even when the chill of fall or winter comes. Inspired by the ideas mentioned above and guided by your creativity, you can transform your space into a cozy haven. Indeed, the right combination of home design elements will surely warm your heart and hearth.