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12 Incredible Stocking Stuffers to Get Right Now

Christmas is just around the corner. Sleigh bells are ringing, glitzy decorations are up, and Santa may already be finalizing his list. So don’t you think it’s time to make yours as well?

If you want to be rockin’ around the Christmas tree, don’t wait until it's crunch time to get your pressies. To help you with your holiday shopping, we’ve created a list of incredible gifts that will fit your budget and your giftees’ stockings. 

Even better, you don’t have to step out into the crush because you can easily order online. Just click, pay, and we’ll ship your orders right to your doorstep. You can also find Likhâ’s handcrafted products in over 500 retailers across the US and beyond, such as Uncommon Goods and Urban Outfitters.

Stylish and Sustainable Gifts for Everyone

1. Animal Planters

Picture the glee on your giftee’s face as they unwrap an adorable
penguin or polar bear planter

From a darling doggie duo to a set of “wild” animals (elephants, giraffes, and yup, even dinosaurs!), there will surely be a pet planter that will tickle your fancy. 

Handmade by artisans in the Philippines using organic coco coir, these quirky planters can add fun to your holidays.

2. Bangles

Join the jingle and jangle of bells by gifting any (or all) of these stylish yet sustainable bangles.

Whether in
pearl white or iridescent gray, these mother-of-pearl bracelets deliver timeless elegance to any outfit. Hand-carved from a single piece of shell, each Likhâ bangle is a distinctive arm candy.

3. Baskets

If your giftee is obsessed with organization and storage, there’s a wide selection of woven baskets that you can choose from. 

There are mini-baskets that will be perfect for trinkets, small toys, or utensils. You can also find a collection of handwoven fruit baskets, which can be a lovely addition to a neat and stylish kitchen. 

If you have a bigger stocking, why not go for
embroidered soft planters or charming rattan wicker baskets that are perfect for your plant-loving family or friends?

4. Bowls

Scoop up a lot of oohs and aahs when you wrap up this simple yet sturdy wooden bowl. This deep dish made from durable acacia wood can withstand daily wear and tear for a long time. Its rich wood grain gives it a beautiful facade that makes it an excellent accessory in the kitchen or anywhere else.

5. Catch Alls

From toys to thingamabobs, these
handmade catch-alls are the perfect gift for those who want to keep their space neat and organized.

Gift these versatile receptacles to people you think will adore a lovely holder for everyday things, whether it’s keys, cosmetics, office supplies, or kitchen tools.

Choose from tabletop bins made of sturdy abaca fibers, or add a playful vibe with whimsical baskets with animal designs

6. Coasters

It’s the time to drink and be merry, and what better gift to give than a set of exquisitely
handcrafted coasters

Choose from coasters made of mother-of-pearl, with its natural shimmer lending an extra shimmer to the festivities. You can also go for a more artisanal charm with a set made from 100% abaca fiber. Whichever collection you choose, they are sure to brighten up any holiday table.

7. Clutches

Add glitz and glamour to any party person’s closet with these stylish yet sustainable
clutches. Handwoven by master artisans from the Philippines, each piece reflects timeless elegance. 

There’s a slate of choices that you can choose from: from sophisticated plain palettes to vibrant-hued patterns. There is one that will surely suit every personality.

8. Earrings

Are you looking for a gift that will delight your chic cousin or stylish sister? Why not add 

to their collection of fashionable accessories with these geometric mother-of-pearl danglers?

Give them a golden glow as they sport hand-carved earrings created by skilled artisans in the Philippines. Perfect for casual lunches or all-night parties, these modern ear objet d’arts will surely put a smile on their faces.

9. Masks

Safety need not be boring. Gift the gift of health and protection with these earth-loving paper leather and handwoven face masks.  

Paper leather masks come in plain hues and are made of biodegradable, eco-friendly, and sustainable abaca fiber. It exhibits the unique appearance and texture of paper leather. It is also reusable,  tear-resistant, water-repellent, and washable. 

Printed masks come in different tribal designs, handwoven by the Indigenous Mangyan tribes of Mindoro, Philippines. Each purchase of this mask supports Indigenous Mangyan weavers in the Philippines, helps fund the Mangyan Heritage Center programs, and provides school supplies and hygiene kits to local schools.

10. Necklaces

Sophisticated with a touch of modern flair, these necklaces will surely turn heads. Whether you go for simple yet stunning statement pieces made from
Capiz shells and bronze or versatile mother-of-pearl square necklaces, the recipients of these gifts will surely appreciate their modern elegance. Other chic baubles from our collection include the guija wooden necklaces, Pompa bead neckpieces, and the crown favorite bombon collection made from wooden beads, coco discs, and woven abaca. 

11. Placemats

Contribute to your giftee’s collection of fabulous tableware by giving a set of these
handwoven placemats. Mix and match with other designs from our collection to create a natural and inviting look for any kitchen or dining table.

12. Wooden Dinnerware

From snack and appetizer trays to serving plates and dishes, there’s an array of choices for hand-carved
wooden dinnerware.

Elevate your giftee’s dinnertime table with richly-grained acacia wood chargers, plates, trays, and dishes. Durable and long-lasting, these sustainably-sourced and masterfully-carved pieces lend a homey vibe to any table.

A Season of Giving

When giving gifts this Season, consider your recipients’ needs, wants, and personalities. It’s also best to start early to avoid the holiday rush. Ultimately, choose a gift that comes from the heart.