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Casual to Classy: How to Use Your Clutch for Different Occasions

Do you get confused about what clutch to use for a specific event? Whether it is a casual catch-up with friends at the cafe or an evening of glam, there is a clutch for every occasion.


Coming in Clutch


We all have places to go and people to see at some point. There are activities and events that we want to dress up for. Even if our social calendar doesn’t rival a celebrity's, there are moments when we want to look good.

Handbags can be one of the sources of inspiration or joy when it comes to feeling and looking good. The right arm candy can give a boost of confidence. Clutching the right bag gives that extra oomph and makes one feel fabulous inside and out.

Clutches are one such fashion accessory that adds verve to an outfit. Considered one of the most iconic tools in fashion, clutches can make or break an outfit. So knowing which one to use for an occasion is vital to ensuring style success.



The clutch is a handy accessory, usually small, firm, and made without handles or straps.  These bags are generally handheld or clutched under the arm. They can carry small items such as credit cards, keys, lipstick, and phone.

If you want to know more about what clutch to use for the various events in your life, read on. We at Likha share some insider tips on maximizing the use of clutches for every occasion:


1. Casual Activities


A clutch can lend a chic vibe to your outfit, whether you’re off to catch up with friends or on a movie date. 

Opt for neutral-colored clutches like beige, blue, or gray for daytime dates. Then, pair it with a lacy camisole, denim pants, and platforms for spring or summer. Finish off the look with retro sunglasses, and off you go.

For a more laid-back street-style look, go for slouchy silhouettes. Doing so will help balance the formal vibe of a clutch. Try an untucked plain shirt and boyfriend jeans for that carefree yet chic vibe.


2. When You Go Clubbing 


If you go to the club, choose a clutch with attitude. If you have one with glitter or gold, pair it with an all-black ensemble and sky-high stilettos. If you’re wearing a colorful ‘fit, go the opposite way. Tone it down with a stylish handwoven clutch black, accented with a black mother-of-pearl lock clasp. If you need to wave your hands in the air, you can choose a clutch with a removable bag chain.


3. Formal Events


For evening soirees, determine the occasion, place, and theme (if any) before you choose your clutch. The trend for spring 2023 allows you a kaleidoscope of colors – from pale pastels to unconventional and vivid hues.

For example, pair a dusty rose kimono clutch with a floor-length deep emerald gown for a sophisticated look at a black-tie event. You can also choose a minaudière in an exciting shade or material with a classic little black dress.



Finally, infuse a pop of color or venture with patterns by selecting a black houndstooth clutch with a whimsical lizard clasp or a wine-colored clutch to accentuate neutral-colored outfits.


4. Going on a Getaway


Modern clutches come in different colors, sizes, and materials nowadays. So if you’re out on a weekend getaway, bring a clutch that you can use for both daytime and nighttime activities.

A versatile clutch comes in handy for a seaside shindig. Pair a white woven clutch with a bikini top and palazzo pants combo, mother-of-pearl statement necklace, and strappy sandals for brunch by the beach. This same white clutch can also double as an elegant accessory to dress up for a sunset cruise. Accessorize a breezy beach maxidress by toting this classic white clutch for that sophisticated sea siren vibe.


5. Work Functions


Clutches are also excellent workmates. Impress clients, colleagues, or contacts using a clutch with style and substance. Attend work-related events with a conversation starter like the Teal clutch. Exquisitely handcrafted by master weavers in the Philippines, this showstopper is made from natural plant fibers carefully extracted from the stalks of the tropical buri palm.


Clinch the Clutch

As a parting note, here are a few tips to remember when choosing a clutch

  • Do your homework. Research online for reviews or ask for recommendations from trusted friends or family before you buy.
  • To get the most bang for your buck, consider the number of outfits in your closet that will go well with the clutch that you have in mind. A minimum of ten ensembles would give you a reasonable cost-per-wear to make up for your upfront investment.
  • While design and aesthetics are primary considerations for some, also consider functionality and versatility to get the most out of your purchase.
  • Invest in quality pieces celebrating craftsmanship, espousing ethical enterprise, and supporting sustainable fashion.



Ultimately, your decision will boil down to your preference and sense of style. However, do consider the points we have shared so you can appreciate your money’s worth.

Whether at work or play, clutches are excellent additions to any outfit. You can mix and match them with pretty much everything – from daily workwear to glamorous get-ups. With the abovementioned examples, you can be well on your way to choosing the best clutch for every occasion.