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Decorating for Spring: How to Display House Plants

Spring has officially started. If you can’t go out and smell the flowers as much as you want, you can bring nature in and surround yourself with indoor blooms. 

From using adorable animal planters to bedecking every nook and cranny, there are many ways to decorate with house plants. Read on and discover how to spruce up your place with spring’s bounty.

Love the Green You’re In

Photo by Christina Kayser Onsgaard

Of course, there’s a kaleidoscope of colors when it comes to plants. Whether green, red, blue, or some other hue, you can choose whatever tickles your fancy. 

Aside from prettifying your place, plants also have several health benefits. For one, they are said to reduce physical and physiological stress. In addition, having plants around can help with anxiety and stress as it aids in improving cortisol levels in the body. Other benefits include better concentration, higher productivity, and increased life satisfaction. 

A National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) study also found that some plants have air-purifying qualities. This could also be the reason why plants help patients heal faster. There are so many plant options that you can choose from. Do some online research, ask a friend who’s into plants, or visit your local nursery or garden center.

Aside from planning what plants to buy, you must remember what you need to keep them alive and thriving. If you’re a new plant parent, read up on
how to care for your plant babies. Having a concept in mind of where you want to place these plants is also essential. Proper plant placement is vital for their health and your viewing pleasure. 

If you are unsure of where to start on how to decorate with plants, we’ve rounded up some suggestions. Here are our tips for decorating your home with plants:

1. Cluster Plants Together

If you have smaller plants, you can put them in
cute plant pots and cluster them together. For example, succulents in different colors will look pretty together on top of a side table. You can also greet your guests with a lovely collection of plants and blooms atop your entryway table.

The key is to create visual balance. First, pick plants with different forms and leaf shapes. Then, arrange them by height or width. For example, you can put the biggest plant in the middle and surround it with smaller ones.


2. Let Plants Hang and Sway

Photo by Laura Gunnerman

Another decorating idea is to use hanging planters. Hanging plants can be a great addition to any area in the home. For example, you can hang them from island counters in your kitchen, over a corner in your bathroom, or lined up on your patio’s windowsills.

Whether you go for ferns, philodendrons, or ivy, you can enhance their natural beauty by placing them in decorative
hanging planters. Another option is to place a planter on top of a tall cabinet and let the plant naturally trail down. The use of a trellis is also something you can consider.


3. Prettify your Partitions

You can also use plants as partitions, especially in homes with an open-plan layout. Place plants in
modern plant baskets and line them up to serve as dividers. Plants can also soften the strong architectural lines of cabinets or shelves. 

Aside from giving pops of color, plants can subtly create zones in your home. For example, placing them on shelves at different visual heights can separate the living room from the dining area.


4. Layer at Different Heights

Layering plants at different heights livens up a room. You could put them on plant stands, hang them from the ceiling, or display them on shelves. 


For more drama, go for plants with oddly-shaped or variegated leaves. Place them in neutral-colored planters so the design will not compete with your plant's beauty.


5. Highlight with Indoor Trees

Photo by Casey Finn

You can also bring in indoor trees to create a focal point. A few strategically placed trees can already make a difference in a room. You can put them in floor baskets alone or with a shorter plant. 

Popular indoor tree choices include Fiddle Leaf Fig, Parlor Palm, and Umbrella Tree. Visit your local greenhouse for other alternatives, or check out online articles to find out which will grow best in your area.

Indoor Plant Paradise 

Biophilic design doesn't show signs of stopping, and you can do very well to stay on trend. In addition, using natural elements to decorate your home can benefit your health and well-being. 

There is no hard rule on how many plants you can decorate your home. For some, an indoor jungle of sorts works. For others, a few select pieces here and there will already suffice. Just remember that you’re the one who will care for them and also enjoy their presence. Think of what you want and decide. Anyway, you already have some helpful hints to guide you. Happy plant picking this spring!